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About Me

About me and what I do...

For multiple years I have been struggling to make a living to support my family following my dream of creating the ideas that I come up with in my mind (which is a lot by the way). Throughout that time I discovered a way to animate my work using natural body mechanics. The start is what you see here, and it all began with icypole sticks and fencing wire. 

You see, I take a lot of pride in what I create, and to move in to 3D printing was a big step due to me not wanting to create a mass produced item, but it was necessary to create the parts I needed to be able to sell these to you. 

However, I have still managed to keep quality and originality in each piece I make (like all of my work), and I believe I charge a fair price for something that has been difficult to achieve. Each piece requires many hours of labor to assemble and paint, is a completely original item and is owned by stars, film directors, haunted attractions, special effects artists and many, many others.

So I thank you very much for liking my work and I hope you continue to enjoy it.

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